"Over the years we have been pleased to sponsor a number of contests and occassionally donate services to various local charities and fund raisers.  If you are a client and have a proposal just drop us a note and we'll consider your idea."
What can I win?
  • Contest Awards

    On an ongoing basis our team of judges will consider applications for the following state of the art cosmetic dental procedures, many of which have been seen on television's Extreme Makeover program:

  • *ZOOM One Hour whitening - this procedure is performed in the dental office and allows us to apply a protective coating to your gums and sensitive areas before using the powerful whitening agent developed by Hollywood's Dentist to the stars.  This system comes with a take home kit to allow you to touch up the results whenever you desire.  In fact, the best whitening results occur if you brush with a desensitizing toothpaste a few weeks prior to and after this power whitening procedure, and starting a few days after use a few treatments of the home kit to further boost the results.  Almost every patient experiences a noticable improvement in only one treatment.
  • *Personalized Premium Take Home Bleaching- by Opalescence - Our newest home whitening line is the 5 star rated Opalescence brand that is combined with our custom fitted whitening trays that allow the maximum results with the lowest sensitivity.  It comes in 10% or 15% concentration levels both with an extended shelf life, allowing a choice depending on individual circumstances. 
  • *High Speed Braces
  • *One Step Instant Makeover Cosmetic Bonding
  • *Porcelain Veneers
Visit www.highspeedbraces.org for the latest on "rapid orthodontics".
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